How I get in problems with virtualenvs?

As an NLP Engineer, creating virtual environment is part of my daily life. Till now I have created many projects and with many projects, I have created multiple envs for them. Here are some mistakes I did while creating them.

Try not to name your virtual enviorment folder with space in it -

There are time where I created virtual enviorment with name containing spaces, they seem to work as usual, but I have found that this is not a good practice.

Do not create virtual enviorment in the same folder as project.

I know these seems to be a bit weird, but I have faced problems. For each project I created a virtual enviorment in the same directory. These increases my folder size and while copying that folder to a drive it env also gets copied which increase time as env contains many files. So try to create a folder in other directory specially for virtual envoirments.

I face manily these two problem, but If you have faced other problem please do mention in the comments.

I am an NLP Engineer, working on some Challenging problems in the field of Chatbot, English text evaluation